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Challenges, Compromises, and Ultimatums―Oh MY!

7/12/16 – An update….It was extremely therapeutic writing this post and I thank those who reached out via text or IM. Your words were thought provoking and kind. After writing this, I was able to speak with my husband from a point of clarity. He heard me and I heard him. One thing that I didn’t hear him say that I heard last night was, “It’s not like I don’t like dogs, I love them, I am just allergic to them.” Wow!! Where do we stand? Sasha stays indefinitely without an “end date” and we are working towards options for my husbands allergies so that Sasha can be an official part of the family. Baby steps, and I’ll take it! 🙂


A very personal post which could very well land me in divorce court. Here’s to living on the edge.

I have been caring for my mother’s dog, Sasha, for over a year now. (My mom fell and severely injured her back and has been unable to care for Sasha.) My husband made a huge sacrifice (and I love him dearly for it) and agreed to help by letting my Sasha stay with us in the (finished) basement since he has allergies―the good thing is, he’s had no attacks, wheezing, etc., with her being in the house.

I grew up with dogs all of my life, so quite naturally I became attached. I love dogs. I feel that it is cruel to keep Sasha in the basement, so I spend a lot of time with her in the backyard, taking her on trips to PetSmart, and I spend my evenings in the basement with her―I didn’t want her to feel abandoned by my mom or me.

Now that we’ve “temporarily” had her for a year, there is a chance that my mom won’t be able to care for her, and truthfully, I want to keep her. My mom, she sees how attached I am to Sasha and how she has helped me through some difficult times that I was going through so my mom would be willing to let me have her. (I take her with me when I visit my mom.)

I don’t think that my husband understands, or has indeed taken the time to ‘hear’ what I have said about how Sasha makes me feel. Each day that I come home from work or go into the basement, I look forward to her wagging tail and sweet face. Her unconditional love is magnetic and electrifying, and there are times when I feel like I can’t get enough of her! I talk to her when I’m with her…asking her questions as if  she’ll answer. Sasha makes me feel safe, loved, and relieves my stress. I sit on the patio and watch her explore the yard, and I just smile―my heart smiles. I love to have her with me while I’m practicing yoga, she loves to snuggle with me (when we hang out on the blanket in the basement); I could pet her all day, and her nose, there is something about that nose of hers!! I can’t get enough of her energy, and I love having her around me.


When my family is outside with Sasha, I feel a light within me that feels so warm, and I smile inside and out. It’s like a dream come true.





We also have a cat; her name is Sugar, the boys and I begged and convinced my husband to let us adopt her four years ago. (He has no allergies to cats.) I love Sugar dearly too, and our bond is very special. That little cat gets me, but the connection that Sugar and I have is entirely different. She loves to snuggle also…but then leaves when she’s had enough of me. LOL!

Sasha has also stolen the hearts of our sons, although they haven’t made it known to their dad. The other day, our 13-year-old son said to me, “You know mom, sometimes I get upset when you ask me to take Sasha out or go feed her because I don’t want to do it. Then when I open the door and see her wagging her tail at me, I forget that I didn’t want to go, and I am happy to be with her.”

So, I have a husband of 16 years that means the world to me who doesn’t get dogs/is allergic―I’d like to refer to it as a very mild allergy (if at all…oops did I say that?). And, I also have a dog that I love that was never really meant to love, and I want to keep her. My husband refuses to get an allergy shot. I’ve even mentioned a HEPA filter and acupuncture, but the answer is still a big fat, N-O! I feel that it is unreasonable and unfair that I have to choose between my marriage and Sasha. He feels disrespected by me because what I want is the complete opposite of what he wants and feels that I’m not concerned about his “very mild allergy” which I believe could be managed if he were open to an alternative.

In our marriage, we have come across challenging situations, and one of us has always made some form of compromise (or I have just given in). This time, I won’t budge on the subject, and I think that if he just would look at what Sasha means to me (and the boys), we can find a way to make it work.

I’m wondering how many other couples have faced a situation similar to this. What compromise did you make? Was it a huge sacrifice? How has your decision changed you and would you do anything differently? While I appreciate your feedback, please keep your “opinions” to yourself. I am NOT looking for someone to tell me “what to do,” I am looking for examples where you have been in a situation where a spouse didn’t want a pet  (Updated 7/12/16) is allergic to your dog. My intention is to share with my husband in hopes to provide food for thought and alternatives.

Thank you for your time and participation.


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Show Yourself Some LOVE!

It’s that time of the season, and I need a little help from you ladies! Stella & Dot’s fall preview is here and I’m doing some shopping!! The Yogi in me loves numbers 3 and 4!! Which accessories would you choose?

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Show yourself some LOVE!

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Unspoken words ring through my soul.

Hidden joys told stories laden with hate; with words of agreement spoken only to seal my fate.

True feelings were hidden for acceptance and love; feelings that haunted with whispers of truth.

Unspoken words I unleash you with my voice.

I smile as my joy takes flight like an eagle; soaring high and accepted by few.

The time has come to live life anew.

By: Linea S. Jones

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This summer I learned that one of my FA-VOR-ITE places to practice yoga is outside on the patio with my girl, Sasha (my mom’s dog). 🙂 Day or late at night, I grab my mat, my iPhone, and external speaker and head outside. (Actually, on those hot humid days it made the best “natural” hot yoga class and my outdoor practice is my go-to remedy for a headache.) What will I do when the winter comes? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out, won’t ya?!

Savasana with my dog

There is something about being outside practicing yoga.
The sounds of the crickets;
The buzz of the bees;

The parade of ants beside my mat.
The taste of summer’s air;
The breeze’s kisses—be it warm or cool;
The whispers of ancient giants;
The connection with the earth beneath me.



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It’s been a hell of a ride for me and my family since July. We’ve been hanging on tight and riding the waves of life. I have kept a positive attitude for the most part. Lately, I’ve been a bit cranky with juggling work, kids going back to school (eldest starting high school and youngest middle school), putting up with an hour plus commute, helping my mom who is staying with us until she recovers, caring for her dog, being a wife, mom, friend, taking care of myself, my yoga practice, eating right, trying to find down time, running a home, need I go on!?!

me1This morning, I realized more than ever that hearing the voice of a long-time friend can be life changing―especially since it seemed like months since they were last heard. Hearing the rain at 4 a.m. was like hearing the voice of a long-time friend.

4:15 a.m. and I’m wide awake listening to the rain and feeling a little bummed because I wouldn’t be able to practice yoga on my patio at sunrise. I never fell back to sleep and I woke my son up around 5:30 a.m. so that he could to get ready for school. I continued with my morning ritual of “getting ready for work;” however, there was a slight excitement to go outside. I found myself rushing to get the dog out before the rain stopped (although I know that she hates going out in the rain). I finally made it outside and I realize why I was excited to do so.

Today, I felt the rain;
the sweet embrace of my long-time friend.
Rain touched me with tender kisses;
wet hair, arms, feet, and wet clothes.

Today, I felt the rain;
and, the world moved around me in slow motion.
I stood covered, wet with rain kisses as I watched my son walk to the bus stop.
Passing cars, changing traffic lights, dog staring at me wagging her tail with squinting eyes―I believe time stood still.

Today, I felt the rain;
my vision became clear, my breath was steady,
as the rain caressed me to the beat of my heart.

Today I felt the rain;
my concerns and worries melted away, and
all questions were answered―without sound―heard deeply by my soul.
Anxiety kissed away, all that was wrong in my world was made right.

Today, the rain and I became one;

– Linea Jones

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Welcome to Remembering to Breathe

Reverse Triangle Linea JonesWelcome!

I’ve been away from blogging for some years but not to worry, I am back—wiser and more humble than ever!

On this blog I will inspire you to greatness! I will share tips on eating healthy, working out, my yoga practice, some parenting stuff, my thoughts on life, ups and downs (I’m working on keeping the downs to a minimum), and just plain keeping it real!

In the last few years, I hit a very low point in my life. (I’m sure I’ll blog about it.) In looking for a way back to “me,” I was inspired by a special few beautiful, strong, exceptional, and absolutely radiant souls: Jennifer Pastiloff, IG: @jenpastiloff; Rachel Brathen, IG:@YOGA_GIRL; Yulady Satuli, @yulady; and Amelia Kathryn, @ameliakyoga. Outside of their love for yoga and to help others, there was another unique quality that they possess, they openly shared their lives in the most positive way—the good, the bad, and the ugly—on social media. It is through their stories of vulnerability, strength, and love where I found strength to move on. Allowing people to see their vulnerability became extremely attractive to me because anyone can post a “pretty picture.” However, only a few will post a “pretty picture” and share the pain, hope, love, or grief behind it, well, that’s REAL. At least, for me, it is.

So, here I am, full of love for you and stories to share! I am happy yet still vulnerable, inspired and flawed, living but sometimes surviving life, enthusiastic and humble, and here to inspire you to do what I did to get me through the lowest point of my life—BREATHE—one breath at a time! xxoxo

“For me, peace comes when I……embrace the beautiful mess that I am.” —Elizabeth Gilbert

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Weight loss, who is it really about?

Here is a recent video blog that I shared on Facebook. It includes my current weight loss and… well you’ll see soon enough, it’s short. 🙂

Day 19 – 90 Day Challenge

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Would you like to take on a Challenge?

About 13 day’s ago I was approached by a good friend asking if I wanted to start a 90 Day Health Challenge where I would improve my health and WIN prizes!! She said that if I wanted I also had the option to help others do the same to receive my product each month for FREE! Then she said “if” I wanted I could also make some serious money, earn a company paid BMW for LIFE, and other company bonus’!  Of course I said “YES!”

Now…for The Challenge

Rewind a bit…

Here I am Day 1… Thinking that my goal would be 20 lbs until I stepped on the ol’ dreaded scale…






Weighing in at 182 lbs I quickly changed my goal to loosing 30 lbs!

In my first 4 days I lost 6 lbs!  Yea!!  I have never done anything that worked this fast. Most diets leave me feeling like I would die from lack of energy or jump out of my skin from the amount of caffeine!

Then again…this ISN’T a diet it’s a “Health Challenge.”

At my first Challenge Party 10 people RSVP’d and four showed up…I actually exceed the averages of 10-15% of people who actually do what they say they are going to do.

All four joined The Health Challenge that same day!

Fast forward ahead…






(Here I am on Easter Sunday 10 days in. The last time that I wore this suit was over a year ago.)

In just a little over two weeks I’ve  helped eight people get started on the challenge and the number grows daily.  I’ve already received commission on my MasterCard account and to date I’ve lost 11 lbs and a total of 6 inches, 4 of which were off of my waist!!!

I will share more photos (clearer ones:)), results, updates and recipes on my 90 Day Health Challenge!!

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Are They Sexy Enough?

Get your mind out of the gutter…I’m talking about your goals!

So, I’ll ask again…are they sexy enough? If your goals aren’t big, juicy, sexy, delicious, and make your insides quiver just by sheer thought, then it’s back to the drawing board for you.

Maybe you didn’t realize that the great thing about goals is the way you feel when you achieve them, or maybe it’s just been a long time since you have. But, when you do achieve your goals, you win…and it immediately sends you on with the path for more and you build a winning mentality – it’s what makes life so fun! Just thinking about it gives me chills.

You may be saying, “Linea, I haven’t won in a while and frankly goals suck and I stopped setting them. I don’t reach them anyway.” If that is what you are saying, I’m here to tell you, today is the first day of the rest of your new life! I have something that will change how you feel about goals and help you simply start winning!

Let me cover a few basic tips about successful goal setting. Before you get all huffy… When is the last time you achieved your goals? Are you living the life that you want? Probably not or maybe you are but maybe it’s been a struggle to even get this far.

Let me tell you a quick story about my personal experience. I hit a time in my life where I practically stopped setting goals. I figured why bother it takes forever and there are always so many interruptions with my children and other things…I felt like it was a waste of time. I can recall even saying that goals make me depressed because at that time, they seemed so unachievable. (Now some Guru’s or so called Guru’s would say…I may have been aiming too high blah, blah, blah.) But the fact of the matter is I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW to aim at all. What steps should I take? How to break my lifetime goal down, etc. Even back then my desire to achieve was higher than my urge to quit and I have been able to take control of my life and turn my goals, ideas, wishes and resolutions into tangible reality that I actually experience each day.

Here are some goal setting tips:
1. Think Big
2. Identify the motivating factors and drive for achieving your goal
3. Write in the present
4. Include a completion date
5. Review them everyday
6. Reflect on them morning and night
7. No need to force them into existence
8. Performance matters…not the outcome

You can find out much more about the Life Achievement Course, Elevate and Avant’s other amazing products by contacting me today 1-800-662-1953 (recorded message).

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The Thrill of Life

Prettiest Flower in the World_according to my 7 yr old

In my heart I feel the freedom to feel the way that pleases me most; I see the the best in every situation and every person.

In my heart I feel the power to dream expecting the biggest and best results in my life.

In my heart I feel the kiss of God; His love shines upon me and flows deep into my soul.

In my heart I feel the open doors of life; the doors granting me passage to the best of all.

In my heart I feel the appreciation for beauty; the beauty that is unspoken and resides in everything that I experience.

In my heart I feel the power of life; the life that pulsates through my veins thrusting me into the appreciation of now.

In my heart I feel my passion and purpose; it is joyous to experience it daily. 

In my heart I feel the joy of the sunrise; the auburn glow that starts a new day.

In my heart I feel the thrill of creation; the creation that swaddles me in the love of life.

In my heart I taste the deliciousness of feeling each feeling that I feel today.

 -Linea Jones, SIYID Coach

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